About Marketing By (Web)Design

I will not be updating this site, and I refer people to my current URL for Marketing By (Web)Design, marketingbywebdesign.co.  

Thanks, SK


Thanks for checking out my site for Marketing By (Web)Design!  I am interested in working with small businesses and individuals looking to market products, services, or Progressive causes online, to develop websites, and web-presence, effectively aligned with their marketing objectives.

I believe the service I offer is distinct from the services offered by tech-wonks, who boast of fluency in a number of coding languages, drool over flashy nonsensical websites, but know little about marketing principles, and who may be sorely lacking creative skills/aesthetic sense.

Though I have been working in the litigation support / technology area for many years, I have an MBA in marketing from University of Michigan Ross Business School.  The utility of marketing acumen in the legal field is negligible, and creativity is lost on lawyers.

So…over the past 5+ years, I have learned and used a couple of web-builder platforms to develop and/or manage over 30 websites, primarily geared toward small business promotion, and I find that I really dig the blending of technology, creativity and marketing tactics.

To my mind, the design of the website is not an end in itself; the website’s effective communication with prospective customers/clients is the goal.  Sites can frustrate, exhilarate, educate and inspire, and the ability to do so is not necessarily a function of the particular strain of coding used in the site’s construction.  The capacity of a website to connect with a target audience depends on a number of things…

  • the value/benefit/purpose of the site’s information,
  • the  communications skills of the writer/designer responsible for its creation, and
  • the ability of the designer to synthesize the content and graphics provided by the client (you) into a creative and effective marketing presentation, and…
  • the collaborative skills and integrity of the designer.

WordPress.com is the web-building platform I use, for its versatility, flexibility, excellent support, and stability.

For convenient perusal of my Website Portfolio, you can view static homepages by clicking on the gallery on the sidebar, but…  To really get a feel for the solid functionality and easy navigation I build into websites, please visit my Website Portfolio page, where you’ll find live links to the sites.  

Perhaps then, you’ll be able to envision your own site, from Marketing by (Web)Design.  I look forward to talking with you and learning of your product or service, and your marketing concept and objectives.



S.Keller – Composite Resume – 2016