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July 2, 2013 • Andy Curry

When people come to your website they get their first impression about your business. What kind of impression is your site giving them?

If your site looks boring, unprofessional, confusing, or lifeless, then your business will receive the same impression. Thus, it’s important that your website looks good, works right, isn’t confusing, and most importantly, markets your business.

How can you tell if your site needs a facelift? One way is whether or not you’ve created a new look in the last five years. If you haven’t, there’s a good chance you need to do some website remodeling. Another good way to tell is to compare your website to your competitors’ sites and see how you stack up. You will likely be shocked at where you’re missing the boat if you simply spend an hour or two looking at competitors.

Consider the following examples. If you were looking for a dentist and knew nothing about these two dentists, whom would you call?

Example 1 of dentist office website.

Example 2 of dentist office website.

The first illustration is vibrant with color. Immediately, you know this dentist does dental implants, sleep dentistry, teeth straightening, and more. With the second example website, you have to click around the site or read a lot of text to find out the same thing. Normally, people aren’t going to do that.

Furthermore, I get the impression the first dentist is up with the times. Therefore, he’ll probably be very careful and not hurt me when he works on my teeth. I also get the impression his practice is clean, fun, and professional. I do not get that impression with the second site.

Next, as you review competitor websites, you may stumble on a great idea that could get you a significant increase in customers.

Check Time on Site

What’s more, be careful about the assumptions you make about how people are interacting with your website. People are in a hurry these days. They seem to feel like they need to make a quick decision and they don’t have time to read all your information. Just because you think what you have to say is important does not mean your potential customer will see it that way. If you want to test this point for yourself, check your analytics and track how much time people spend on your website. You will be shocked at how little time people spend on your pages. And if you really take a few minutes to look at your analytics, you’ll see where people spend most of their time when they go to your site. If you have an About Us page and a Testimonials page, check your analytics. You will likely find people spend a lot of time on those pages. That said, it makes sense to put a lot of time, thought, and marketing on your most popular pages.

Give careful thought and planning to the pages where people spend most of their time. Make those pages attractive with eye-pleasing colors. Don’t crowd pages with text people won’t care about. Ask yourself what you think customers would want to know. Stay away from the classic trap of what you think people want to know. For example, when people are searching for you online, one of the first things they want to know is what your phone number is because they’re ready to make contact. While this seems obvious, I have seen many sites where I had to hunt for the phone number. Most people won’t do this. The easier you make it for potential customers to contact you, the more business you can get.

The next thing people want to know is your address — where you’re located. They’re formulating in their mind how long it’ll take to get to you and whether it’s too far away. Although this seems trivial, I’ve discovered them through lots of testing.

Read more at link above, or via Time to Revamp your Local Website? | Web Marketing Today.


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